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A moment of relaxation in a rehearsal break

Vacancies: We are interested in receiving enquiries from experienced instrumentalists, particularly double bass, viola and violin players, who can contribute to the performance of demanding orchestral works.

String players need to be of grade 8 or equivalent standard. Auditioning takes place informally during rehearsals.

Playing commitments: Permanent membership of the orchestra involves four or five concert commitments a year (three main concerts plus one or two other important engagements) with eight weekly rehearsals for each of the main concerts and a couple of rehearsals for engagements. Personal private practice is essential.

Violinists during rehearsal break Rehearsals: Rehearsals are focused, friendly and fun. We work hard though take a tea and coffee break for relaxation together. Concert preparation also usually includes a sectional rehearsal, often led by a specialist instrumental coach.

We rehearse on Tuesdays 7:30-10:00pm, at St Gregory the Great Catholic School. This is just off the Cowley Road - it is accessible by public transport, and there are on-site car parks.

Subscriptions: Regular playing members pay subscriptions which contribute to coaching, rehearsal costs and other overheads. Payment may be made annually or in three instalments and there is a discounted rate for full-time students. (Normal minimum age is 18 though very exceptionally players aged 16 are accepted). Current prices are shown on the Players' info page.

Enquiries: If you'd like to join the orchestra or have further queries, contact the Membership Secretary.